A PHP Topic Maps engine with persistent storage which supports ISO/IEC 13250-2 Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM).


What is QuaaxTM?

QuaaxTM is a PHP Topic Maps engine which supports ISO/IEC 13250-2 Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM). The TMDM is a subject centric data model.
QuaaxTM implements the PHPTMAPI core and index interfaces. PHPTMAPI is based on the TMAPI specification and provides a standardized API for PHP 5 to access and process data held in a topic map.
QuaaxTM persists Topic Maps data using MySQL with InnoDB or MariaDB with XtraDB as storage engine and therefore benefits from transaction support and referential integrity.


How can I get it?

Download release 1.0 which implements PHPTMAPI 2.0.1. Browse the PHPTMAPI documentation for API usage (opens in new window).
QuaaxTM is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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